The Investment Collection

Fine wine, art, classic cars - all are passion assets with primary purpose of enjoyment.

Nonetheless investing in fine wine provides important diversification to your portfolio & being tax free asset it performs consistently while providing your portfolio protection in a way traditional assets fail to offer.

Invest in your passion with simple yet profitable strategy curated exclusively by us, designed uniquely to you.

Liquid investment with many happy returns.

A bespoke portfolio of 15 fine wines tailored uniquely to your risk appetite & target returns.
Number of wines in the collection is designed around your preferences.

What the package includes:

  • Meeting with Ksenia to discuss style, your preferences & budget of your collection over a glass of exceptional wine.
  • 15 fascinating hand picked wines tailored to your risk appetite & target returns.
  • All documentation of your wine investment.
  • Custom made book with wine description, tasting notes, history of the estate, pictures, food pairing, wine potential & projections of your returns.

FROM £3700.00*

*The package cost excludes the cost for storing the wines at the professional warehouses.

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