All Time Favourite Classics

Classical wines from classical regions. Representatives of a definitive sense of a style or a region. Classical wines are prototypical examples of a regional style that’s produced consistently year after year.

These are Cabernet Sauvignon-based red blends from Medoc of Bordeaux, classical styles of Barolo & Barbaresco wines produced from Nebbiolo in Piedmont, stunning Rieslings from Germany, Australia and Alsace in France, diverse and gorgeous wines made from Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley in France, New Zealand and many more.

We meticulously curated a list of most exciting classical wines for everyone who just starting their wine journey or those who already appreciates wines.


Gems Of New World

New World winemaking at it’s best, innovation driven through tradition and killer labels all around.

New World wines come from countries or regions where grapes & winemaking were imported during (and after) the age of exploration. New World wine countries include: the United States, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand and more.

We have hand picked the most exciting & extraordinary New World wines many of which became iconic wines celebrated all around the world!


Made in Italy

Wines of Italy are wonderfully diverse. All 20 regions of Italy are producing exceptional wines from over 100 different grape varieties many of which are indigenous or local to Italy.

The winemaking tradition in Italy goes back centuries; in fact it was the Greeks who enabled Italian wine-making to flourish around 800BC. At one point, winemaking had become so popular, acres of vines needed to be destroyed to create room for food production, and that passion and dedication by Italians for the wonderful world of wine has never been lost.

Discover the best of what Italy has to offer with our extensive hand picked selection.


For Collectors

Gifts based on experiences like a vacation, a tour of an otherwise off-limits building, dinner at a notable restaurant — are among the most memorable that you can give. The same goes for something focused on the future, meant to commemorate and celebrate an occasion.

A wine to save and open on the anniversary of an event is a gift that embodies celebration – a wedding, birthday anniversary, graduation, retirement. The ability to improve with time is a key part of wine’s mystique and since only 5% of all wines produced in the world are meant to age finding those rare gems is the task for a professional.

Uniquely for our clients we’ve hunted out best age-worthy wines with a track record of quality over dozens of vintages and a proven ability to change and develop over time in a cellar.


Rare & Unknown

Wine collections contain a variety of wines that extend across countries, vintages, varietals and price points. Many collectors also love the thrill of the hunt and the prospect of owning something that is rare and truly one of a kind. This excitement is what inspires some wine collectors to spend years or even decades in search of that piece de resistance.

Natural wines, low-intervention wines, biodynamic & organic, boutique wineries, small producers and garagiste wineries, you name it – all of the world’s underdogs, salt-of-the-earth, rustic cool wines are selected by us and tailored uniquely for your exciting discoveries.



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